Last week, we began our performance series. Kate Moore Heaney visited and introduced us to improv. A professional actor, Kate talked about how improv is like juggling among people. We started out by assigning movements to our names and then after establishing a pattern, we had to throw the movements to each other. We eventually got to the point of communicating non-verbally, with just eye contact. A tight-knit group, our FlexSchool community surprised Kate at how quickly we were able to work together without talking! Working together in Vermont and throughout the school year ensured that we are attuned to each other’s cues. All the students participated and showed that they do not get stage fright or performance anxiety. We at FlexSchool try to reach students through a variety of learning experiences, and some students thrive when they are the center of attention, which emerged during improvisation.

The students continued with assorted activities, some loud, some quiet. They designed a human-machine where each person was a part. They walked silently and were able to note where the others were, even with their eyes closed. They passed energy and completed stories and then sentences while sitting in a circle. One student became a frog while another was a queen knighting her court members. All in all, it was a fun FlexFriday and we enjoyed sitting, standing, and moving around the room. The variety of activities kept us on our toes! We look forward to what Kate has in store for this Friday as we continue working with her in January. Next topic: theater!​

Click here to see images from this event and more on our FlexSchool gallery.

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