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FlexSchool Ventures Out for Historic Lesson

After a brief early morning history lesson in the classroom, intrepid Flex School students then ventured out to explore the American Revolutionary War encampments at Jockey Hollow, just outside of Morristown. History came alive in a sense as students walked the same grounds in which thousands of colonial patriots camped during the brutally cold and snowy winter and spring months of 1779-1780. A brief introductory film and an informative discussion with a park ranger helped put the history of the period in perspective for students who were then free to explore the grounds with their classmates and teacher – the farm owner’s house and barn and gardens, the replica cabins that “housed” the colonial regulars, the orchards surrounding the camp, the soldiers’ parade grounds in which they drilled in close-order marching, etc.

General George Washington’s main Continental army over-wintered here in the strategically located hillsides, safe from British redcoats quartering in warmer and more luxurious accommodations in New York City. Although the winter was tough, one of the snowiest on record, few colonials perished: American officers had learned lessons from experiences at Valley Forge. The tide of the war had changed; Washington’s army had already beaten Hessian and British forces at Trenton and Princeton, respectively, and, though the war would last another three years, the patriots had so frustrated the British in New Jersey that the Redcoats took the war out of the state to the South, where they were soundly defeated in Yorktown, Virginia, the battle that acknowledged American independence.

Knowing where we come from informs who we are and where we are going. FlexSchool is committed to providing and exposing our students to all we can in our area, and being able to take the creative school out of the classroom and into the ‘past’ is a valued experience for all of us.

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