We are thrilled that you are ready to take the next step to see if FlexSchool is a good fit for you. We promise to keep this process as simple and straightforward as we can.

To apply, you need to do four things (not necessarily in that order):

  1. Use the “Log In” link (top right) to fill out our on-line application. It’s pretty short. We DO want to see your transcripts from the past two years, but we promise not to judge you on it; lots of students who are a good fit for FlexSchool will have C’s and D’s on their report card. If you do not already have a log in for our school application, please contact us to set up a user account.
  2. Come chat. We would like to talk with you and your parents about what turns you on, what you really dig, what’s good about your current school, what’s bad about your current school, and much more. It’s not really an interview, because there won’t be many formal questions and you might well ask as many questions as we do. We really just want to get to know you and introduce ourselves and see if we’re a good match.
  3. Students must submit scores from one standardized test. We will accept any one of the following: NJ ASK, PARCC, COGAT, ISEE, SSAT, COOP, WISC/WAIS, IELTS.Students with learning challenges must provide supporting documentation, either in an IEP, 504, educational testing results or a neuropsychological report. We can refer students to neuropsychologists or provide educational testing with a FlexSchool LDTC.
  4. Come to a FlexSchool day. We are going to put FlexSchool into action several times this summer so that you can see what a day in FlexSchool will be like. We are going to make you work, after all, but we’re pretty sure we can make it fun. This also will give us a chance to see how you respond to the environment we are creating. You’ll have an opportunity to meet some other potential FlexSchool students as well. It will run exactly the same as a regular FlexSchool day: 8:00 am to 3:15 pm.