flexSchool faculty yoga

FlexSchool Faculty get Flexible

FlexSchool faculty members flexed their physical and mental muscles

While the students were off this week for spring recess, the FlexSchool faculty and staff members were on hand. They were busy planning FlexFriday trips, FlexSchool’s first graduation, and possible FlexSchool summer offerings as well as partnerships with local colleges. They were also keeping balance with yoga (pun intended). FlexSchool’s first graduating class will walk in June, and we couldn’t be prouder! Whether continuing on to a gap year or going away to a 4-year college, our students are guided by our College Counselors along the way. We look forward to seeing all our students on Monday when they come back to school!

At FlexSchool, we focus on academics with the long-view in mind. Visit https://flexschool.net.

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