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Personality Profiles and Professions!

Today our college counselors, Nicole and Elana, conducted a personality inventory and career forum with our FlexSchool students.  The counselors discussed the origins of the MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Inventory, and how the test began with the father of psychology  Dr. Carl Jung, who observed that people might fall into different archetypes.  This led to the creation of the test by a mother and her daughter; the mother (Katharine Briggs) wanted to determine how compatible her daughter (Isabel Myers) and her fiance were.

The students had completed abbreviated MBTI evaluations during the week, and Nicole revealed the students’ results during today’s session.  Students were sometimes surprised about where they fell on the different attribute spectrums:  Introvert or Extrovert, Intuitive or Sensory, Thinkers or Feelers, and Judgment or Perception.

The students were given their individualized reports and personality types as determined by the dowhatyouare.com website.  Their reports placed them on each continuum, which they illustrated by moving around the room, so some students were on one side of the room or the other while others were more in the middle.  Among our students, teachers, and staff participating, we had representatives from the following “portraits”:  The Idealist, the Protector, the Nurturer, the Caretaker, and The Inspirer.  We discussed how certain cultures or countries might fall into one personality category, but then how these could shape stereotypes since a country is formed by individuals who have varied personality types.

We talked about the notion of Nature vs. Nurture and how personalities are generally established but how behaviors can change.  Knowing your personality type, and that of those around you, can help with relationships between parents and children, coworkers, and romantic partners.  Awareness of these personality types can even help students determine which professors might mesh with their learning styles.  Elana discussed how the personality inventories relate to career choices and exploration.  The students’ individualized online reports were connected to the Department of Labor website so students can monitor careers and job availability.

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