FlexSchool: Inspiring Intellectual Curiosity.

FlexSchoolEducation_philosophy-quoteWith FlexSchool, we created a schoolhouse for the 21st century, designed for those smart middle school, high school, and post-graduate students who are not thriving in traditional school. In addition, we provide one-on-one courses for those students who want to be a part of a school, yet need individual attention in some or all of their courses. Our amazing faculty focuses on critical thinking in all areas of learning; a “toolbox” concept emphasizing how to learn rather than an “encyclopedia” concept emphasizing specific material (though all core bases are covered in depth!). FlexSchool provides a high quality, flexible, individualized educational experience for divergent thinkers.

We define success holistically at FlexSchool.

Report cards have not only letter grades, but also teacher comments and a nine-point psycho-social assessment to evaluate students in the following categories: communication skills, intellectual curiosity, ability to learn from failure, kindness, motivation, participation, public speaking, creativity, and respect for others.



Our Philosophy in Action

The best way to describe our philosophy is to tell you about a couple of our students.

A smart, significantly underperforming student who never spoke in class is often the most engaged student in physics. His favorite class is philosophy, and as his mother says, “Who knew?” Last year he missed 27 days of school, yet he has not missed a single day of FlexSchool. He loves the literature class and especially appreciates the interdisciplinary way that English and History are taught. After a week and a half he told his father that he loves school, something he had never said before.

One of the girls was a gifted yet uninspired student in school, just going through the motions. She had a C in English because she had forgotten to turn in her reading log to prove that she was reading for 30 minutes every night—yet she was reading a 400-page book each day as a challenge to herself! Most of the time she would turn in her homework, but her answers were perfunctory. Though she is technically in middle school, she turned in the best persuasive essay about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in philosophy class. She is in the high school level English class and advanced pre-algebra. Her grades are only a little better than they were in public school, but the level and quality of her work have improved dramatically.

A student who joined us midway through the year chose to take English, history, physics, philosophy, and creative writing in classes. He combined those classes with one-on-one courses in AP-level Java Programming and biology.

An international student who studied English, American history, calculus, and writing privately, joined the philosophy class.

These are bright students who thrive in a non-traditional school. We help them to succeed by breaking the patterns that kept them from learning. FlexSchool replaces anxiety and disillusionment with curiosity, flexible scheduling, and a personalized learning plan.