Student Profile

What are the characteristics of a FlexSchool student?

FlexSchool students are gifted or twice-exceptional and have not thrived in other learning environments. A FlexSchool student:

  • Has, or had as a young child, a voracious appetite for learning about a subject that interests them
  • Seeks to gain a significant breadth and depth of knowledge about things that interest them
  • Is a student that can come into the school wherever they are in their educational journey, and be transformed by their experience
  • Should benefit from a cross-curricular, experiential curriculum led by teachers/facilitators
  • Has the capacity to grow from a relationship-based model school

Is your child gifted or twice-exceptional? Find definitions and checklists here.

What criteria go into deciding if an applicant to FlexSchool is a good fit?

  • Each applicant is evaluated for circumstance, personal qualities and capacity to benefit from FlexSchool; we also consider whether the student will positively impact our community

What are some examples of a good fit?

  • Seeking a school where they can be accepted as their true selves
  • Has learning challenges that FlexSchool can accommodate or needs remediation in an area we can support
  • Spectrum kids – must already desire to make friends and participate in discussions
  • Looking for a community of peers and adults with whom they can talk about their ideas and develop their talents

Who is not a good fit for FlexSchool?

  • Some FlexSchool students may have suffered from anxiety and depression in former academic settings. Many find that symptoms decrease in a challenging yet supportive and safe academic environment. We are not an appropriate setting for students with behavioral issues who need a team trained to support their needs.

Other Admissions Considerations:

  • The Prospective Student will benefit the FlexSchool community socially, intellectually, and/or creatively.
    • If other bars are met, we desire diversity of thought, culture, economic background, race, gender, sexuality