Hulbert Outdoor Center

FlexSchool Fanwood NJ Hulbert Center trip

This week’s FlexFriday found us in Fairlee, Vermont as part of our five-day excursion to the Hulbert Outdoor Center. Established in 1978, Hulbert is a non-profit educational institution that serves 7,000 participants annually through programs designed to foster personal growth, self-reliance, confidence, cooperation, and a sense of community in people of all ages. We thought this could be beneficial to our students for team building as well as environmental science hands-on lessons. Our students participated in group challenges, forest ecology, astronomy, a blindfolded night journey with echolocation games, archery, survival and fire-building skills, and a high ropes course. The food was delicious and the cabins were very comfortable. This Monday, when we returned to regular classes, the first question was, “When can we go back to Vermont?”

The students learned more than can be taught from books, but let’s let them tell you:

“My time spent in VT has been a great time not only to self reflect but also to bond with my fellow classmates.”

Through different games “I learned that relying on other people has helped me to work on trusting others.”

“Not every part of the solution involves you.”

“My favorite part was the ropes course. I was able to get to the top, but it was much harder than I thought it would be.”

“I’ve learned through fun, interactive activities how important one person can be, and how without teamwork we can’t do our best at many challenges.”

“What I have learned in VT is that the forests are called eastern deciduous forests.”

“In the shelter building exercise we communicated better so that each member’s voice was heard more clearly.”

“We did a variety of teambuilding exercises that taught me about allowing people to voice their opinions; the most vocally present person may not have the solution to the problem.”

“I have learned how to stop for a second and really think about a situation, and I have also learned about trusting people. When we did the blindfolded night walk I was anxious, but soon I was able to trust our counselor.”

“I feel a greater connection to my environment and those around me. I felt awake and ready to have fun throughout the day.”

There are just some things in life that simply cannot be learned inside the classroom. Click here to see images from this event and more on our FlexSchool gallery.

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