Flex Arts, Crafts and Sciences

fiber-arts flexSchool groupEven though FlexSchool’s spring recess began on March 25th, a few students and teachers were on hand for our newly formed Fiber Arts Club.  Several of our students have a passion for knitting and one is particularly talented in felting.  Check out the red panda she made and see the pictures from our first meeting.  One of our club’s goals is to knit, crochet, or felt one project per member to donate to charities that help children get clothes and toys.

Protein Data Bank special exhibit-FlexSchoolSince this past week, FlexSchool has been hosting and displaying the RCSB Protein Data Bank’s “Art of Science” exhibit.  Students were given calendars, fake tattoos, and reference sheets with beautiful 3-D images of molecules and viruses. During our open house, parents and students walked around FlexSchool and viewed the large posters on display in our classrooms.  In a few weeks, we will be travelling to Columbia University’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology where we will learn about some of the viruses that have been on display!  At FlexSchool, we learn about traditional subjects in non-traditional ways.

Click here to see images from this event and more on our FlexSchool gallery.

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