Health and Nutrition at FlexSchool

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FlexSchool is a strong believer in healthy minds and bodies so this week’s FlexFriday reflected both with our special guest Maria Claps.

Health and Nutrition

Continuing with our health and nutrition theme, a nutritionist visited us today and whipped up some tasty treats!  Maria, a health consultant with her own practice called Nourish and Flourish, showed the students how to make a meal in a smoothie and perfect the minute muffin in the microwave.  She gave a brief talk about the three elements needed for a satisfying and healthy meal:  fat (yes, fat!), protein, and fiber.  We learned that avocados have fat, that peanut butter is a great source of protein, and that just an apple may not be the best snack.  Maria showed how to make both a lactose-free smoothie and a whey protein-based one.  The students learned that our bodies naturally make carbohydrates, so no, you don’t really need to eat pasta or breads, even though they’re totally yummy.  Maria talked about maintaining a steady level of insulin so we don’t crash and so that we can avoid getting “hangry,” or hungry and angry.  

The second snack the students helped Maria prepare was a “Minute Muffin” which had coconut based ingredients and could be prepared in a single container and microwaved in that same container.  We want our students to be healthy holistically and good nutrition is part of maintaining a balance.  We won’t have a FlexFriday program again until December since we’re on break next week for Thanksgiving.  Happy Holidays everyone and we’ll regroup next month for Mindfulness Training.

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