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The Madness of Mid-Terms and Theatre

This week it seemed to be a perfect fit to have the madness of midterms paired with the drama of Shakespeare, and to have our homes covered in snow. Or should we say, it seemed to be a perfect storm.

Last week, the FlexSchool high school students made it through mid-terms! (And through the blizzard of 2016 with more than 20 inches of snow and an ensuing snow day…) Congratulations!  They had a few reading and study days followed by three days of exams.  We’re happy to say that we all managed our midterm “madness” by continuing with our routines of yoga, mindfulness, and some fun games and “adult coloring books”.

We concluded the week with a final visit from Kate Moore Heaney.  Kate worked with the students through some Shakespearean scenes.  The students rehearsed, made some costumes from school supplies, and performed their designated roles later in the day.

As the Bard himself would say, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” In our case, this week showed what great students and faculty we have, with everyone’s hard work and dedication trampling the snow.

Click here to see images from this event and more on our FlexSchool gallery.

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