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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Despite local school closings due to a snow storm, our intrepid students took the train to NYC for a special tour at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sean Hemingway, the curator of Greek and Roman Art at the Met, lead FlexSchool and the Connecticut Experiential Learning Center (CELC) in a fascinating private tour of some of Sean’s favorite pieces. Students became increasingly excited about the art during the tour. When we got to the mythological symbolism in the paintings recovered from rooms in Pompeii, the students were hooked! A rare ceremonial Monteleone chariot was the final exhibit. The 2,600-year-old Etruscan chariot was made of bronze and wood and decorated with ivory. While it had originally been restored in 1903, the then curator had only had drawings to inform how he put the pieces together. The straight pole to be harnessed to horses had always puzzled the more recent curators, but it wasn’t until Adriana Emiliozzi, an Italian archaeologist and the world’s leading expert in Etruscan chariots, visited the Met that the chariot was restored in its correct form. (See the NY Times article here)

Sean Hemingway’s enthusiasm was contagious, so students explored the Greek and Roman collections long after he had to return to his busy schedule.

After lunch, students broke into groups and chose exhibits they wanted to see. The choices were interesting: couture fashion, architectural containers, African art, and European sculpture!

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We enjoyed our trip through history so much that we bought tickets for the Vikings exhibit at Discovery Times Square for this spring. Check back later for a report on that adventure!

Click here to see images from this event and more on our FlexSchool gallery.

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