Unique Students Require a New Learning Environment

Lynne Henwood, Opening Head of School

FlexSchool Bronxville

Over the past 8 years of teaching, one of the most incredible things I have learned is that a child can be both gifted and learning disabled, also known as twice-exceptional (2e). I, like many others in education, did not truly understand this concept. Sure, I had seen movies like Rain Man and was amazed at the special abilities portrayed by characters who were on the ASD spectrum.  After teaching gifted and talented for a few years, I discovered that savant syndrome is rare, while 2e is more common than people realize. These children are education’s metaphorical unicorns. Do they really exist? Could they be languishing or struggling in our classrooms?  How can we spot them? How can we help them succeed?  

The drive to understand these learners and the passion to create an environment that nurtures their strengths has led me to FlexSchool. I am honored and excited to start this role as Opening Head of School at FlexSchool’s newest campus in beautiful Bronxville, New York!  We are excited to be able to offer an exceptional learning environment where gifted and 2e students are accepted, valued, and supported.  FlexSchool enables students to embrace and celebrate the unique and incredible people that they truly are, and to make lasting friendships with peers who can relate to and appreciate them.  Our teachers are compassionate and knowledgeable, and students are able to learn in a way that best fits their strengths. FlexSchool allows students to experience the joy of authentic learning in a way that’s just right for them.  I welcome anyone who is interested to come by for a visit to see FlexSchool in action.

Week One- here we go!

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