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WWII and the Holocaust

Robert M. Movie took our students on an historic trip with great educational and philosophical merit. He did an excellent presentation and showed a movie of WWII and the Holocaust. Robert is the grandson of a Holocaust Survivor and shared with students  the vision of one man whose mission was to save as many Jews from the Holocaust as possible.

Robert M’s grandfather escaped to Sweden when the Nazis invaded Latvia. While he was able to save his wife and child, he could not save the remainder of his immediate or extended family; of the 60,000 Jews in Latvia before the war, only 3,500 were alive when the Allies freed Europe. Robert’s grandfather, with nothing but courage and hubris, decided to save all of the Jews he could. We watched the incredible documentary produced in Sweden about his unrelenting campaign to stop Hitler. We stopped the movie many times so that Robert could give us the behind-the-scenes information he had learned from his grandfather. The discussion after the movie ranged from shock at some of the details none of us had known to philosophical questions about when a person should put family ahead of people he or she doesn’t know. The students and the other faculty members in the room asked many questions. Robert made his grandfather’s story relevant to all of us.

Being exposed to History in this personal, detailed presentation had a profound effect on all of the students and faculty. We are so grateful to Robert for his time and knowledge and know that the students of FlexSchool have been very fortunate to experience this time and events in this way.

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