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Learning for the Neurodiverse.

FlexSchool started to save one twelve-year-old girl. Jane loved to learn what she wanted to learn, and spent hours engrossed in videos and web pages about animals. She could tell you about muscle cells and animal anatomy. She researched American Indians and made all of the games and weapons used by the Lenni-Lenape out of found objects and craft supplies. She spent hours drawing and painting and could write fiction better than most college students.

Yet, she loathed school.

She rarely spoke in class, dropped out of the gifted and talented program, either didn’t do her homework or would forget to turn it in. She had As on the tests and Cs and Ds in the class. Jane’s academic future looked dismal.

  • Poor grades and high test scores are not a winning combination for college admission.
  • Her public school was not the right place for her, but neither were the local private schools.
  • Academically-oriented private schools do not accept students with poor grades.
  • Schools that accept students with poor grades are not always academically rigorous.

Stalemate.  Until we started FlexSchool, where Jane has been a student for two years.

What is FlexSchool?Middle States Accreditation

Many highly creative and eager gifted students struggle to thrive in school. Some lose their confidence, their sense of purpose and finally their will to try. Whether they are impacted by a specific learning disability, poor executive functioning, struggle with slow processing speed, anxiety or even intense stubbornness to “do things their way,” they are stuck. It’s no wonder. Gifted kids can be a conundrum for schools. While not suitable for every 2e student, FlexSchool can support those who are socially-minded to enjoy a community of peers. At FlexSchool we work with students to accelerate or decelerate coursework as necessary.

FlexSchool is a unique learning network for gifted and twice exceptional (2e) middle and high school students. At this time two campuses serve the Tristate area, one in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey and another in New Haven, Connecticut. FlexSchool embraces students for who and where they are, then supports them as they learn to thrive. Small, ability-based discussion classes taught by subject experts ensure meaningful conversations and the opportunity to ask high-level questions. The faculty, trained and supported by learning specialists and mental health professionals, focuses on critical thinking in all areas of learning; a “toolbox” concept emphasizing how to learn rather than an “encyclopedia” concept emphasizing specific material (though all core bases are covered in depth). Students are supported and encouraged to study topics that interest them with faculty mentors. FlexSchool is also a safe and fun environment for accelerated students who want to “join in” rather than “stand out.”

FlexSchool campuses are deliberately embedded in the community to use local resources. Examples of this include experiential learning in the local area every Friday (FlexFridays), meaningful community service, and opportunities for students to find local mentors and activities that both support and extend their interests.

Importantly, homework is relevant and minimized at FlexSchool. It is not seen as a gateway to a grade.  Executive functioning, the process of mental control and self-regulation that helps us organize and plan, is explicitly taught and practiced.

Recognizing that many students live outside of our region, FlexSchool is designed to welcome students virtually into our classrooms through our Cloud Classroom video conferencing technology. If private instruction is needed, students join their teacher via web conferencing for private classes. FlexSchool has had great success with remote students from as far away as Florida, California, and Switzerland!

FlexSchool in Action


  • Subject experts with training in learning challenges, executive functioning skills, emotional support, and customizing curricula for individual students.
  • Student/faculty ratio of 6:1
  • Minimized, relevant homework
  • Study hall & homework club after school so students leave school free to pursue other interests

Experiential Learning

  • FlexFridays are a mix of hands-on learning, invited speakers, and school trips.
  • Year-long project on a topic of student’s choice addresses the question: What problem in the world do you want to address.
  • An annual week-long trip to Hulbert Outdoor Center in Vermont for environmental science, group challenges, ropes course, and survival skills. Parents of anxious students are welcome.


  • Teachers respect students’ abilities
  • Questions welcomed (that’s why we have subject experts!)
  • Welcoming and kind student population
  • Safe atmosphere so students can take academic risks

College Counseling

  • Provided by expert counselors.

Spotlight on Faculty

The most distinguishing characteristic that attracts students to FlexSchool is our top teaching staff of people who love to learn themselves and transmit that enthusiasm to the students.

Learn More About Our Faculty

What Parents Have to Say

FlexSchoolEducation_philosophy-quote“I haven’t seen this smile since kindergarten.”

“My son talks to me again.”

“My daughter told her therapist that she has friends for the first time in her life.”

“Since my son started FlexSchool, we’ve had a big change in the atmosphere at home. It’s hard to place a value on the rebuilding of trust between parent and child.”

“FlexSchool is like magic!”

What Our Students Have to Say

“Thank you so much. This is the first year I haven’t despised school.”

“There are no stupid worksheets here.”

“FlexSchool is a place of awesomeness.”