Our admission process is holistic so that each student can share his or her story. Our goal is to determine if the prospective student and the school community are a good match. 

FlexSchool students:

    • resonate with our student profile,
    • seek to contribute to and engage with a community of peers,
    • and have a desire to thrive in our relationship-based model.

They may also have learning challenges that we are designed to accommodate and/or emotional struggles we can support. 

While testing clearly indicates giftedness in some of our students, it can also be very misleading for others. Some FlexSchool students have all high scores while others have loads of peaks and valleys – what we call “scatter”. Whatever your child’s scores, if our student profile fits then we encourage you to learn more about us.

Not sure if your child is gifted or twice-exceptional? Click here for definitions and checklists.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For information on tuition, financial aid, and school district funding, contact Sarah in Admissions at

How to Apply to FlexSchool

Because each FlexSchool campus is embedded in their community, the application process varies slightly for each campus. Please choose the campus you are interested in from the buttons below and you will be taken to the application process for that campus. 

For inquiries regarding Cloud Classroom, international students, or new campus openings please click here.


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Rolling Admissions

FlexSchool recognizes that our students may be seeking a school change mid-year and therefore we will review applications and continue to enroll students throughout the current school year on a space-available basis. Applicants will be notified of decisions typically within two weeks of applying.

Some Considerations

High School Students

We will also speak with the families of high school applicants to make sure that their goals are aligned with the academic trajectory the student will pursue at FlexSchool.

Post-Graduate Students

Students who have graduated from high school either in the United States or internationally are welcome to apply to spend an additional year with us getting ready for college. Students will be placed in a combination of classes and/or private classes that match his or her strengths, needs, and interests.

ESL/ELL Private Courses

Our English as a Second Language/English Language Learner courses meet federal visa requirements. Students are admitted on an individual basis. A high school transcript, translated into English, is required. Interviews are conducted in person or via video conference.