College Counseling

College Counseling

Our college counseling philosophy is to find the right college list for each student, through self-exploration, self-knowledge, and realistic goal setting. We help students find colleges and universities where they can continue to thrive as they have in Flexschool!

College counseling begins during freshman year, as counselors get to know students and their evolving goals. Our focus is on course selection and extracurricular goals rather than focusing on college too early. Our discussions about standardized testing take place during the spring of sophomore year so that we can help students make a sane test prep and testing schedule. During junior year the college journey really begins! In the fall, we meet with families to create an initial college list, which is refined by college visits, GPA, and standardized test scores. In the winter, we explore career assessment and how personality shapes college choices. Of course, we continue to discuss college choices, majors, and testing. We help students with college essays and applications during the fall of senior year, and teachers and counselors prepare recommendations that reflect each student’s uniqueness.

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College Counseling Overview

Creating the right college list is an art. The information gathered from an in-depth interview with the student and his or her parents is used to compile a college list tailored to the strengths of the student. As it is getting more difficult to predict where a student will be admitted, a college list created by an experienced college search expert mitigates the risk that your child will apply to schools above or below his or her ability level. An appropriate college list makes senior year less stressful and your household more peaceful. In addition, each student receives application advice, interview training, activity sheet editing, career/college major personality profile, advice for securing recommendation writers and for helping letter writers to write helpful recommendations, guidance in deciding which college to attend after being admitted, and any other necessary consultations.

We provide highly personalized attention for each of our student families. We are devoted to educating and guiding students through each step of the application process, helping students to identify the schools that will match who they are and whom they hope to become. Our goal is to assist our students in securing admission to the schools that are the best match for them — colleges where they will be most successful and happy.

We work one-on-one to design plans that will help each family make the most informed decisions. Through this counseling process, students gain an increasing awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, passions, interests, and goals. Each student works with the same counselor throughout the process so that each session builds upon the previous one.

FlexSchool College Manual 2020