From Parents:

  • [FlexSchool] has been life changing for not only our son but also for our whole family. It’s like a ton of bricks has been lifted off our shoulders. Finally, a place where he fits is happy and well liked by true peers. He is valued for who he is. So often in the public and other schools, he was treated as disabled because of a diagnosis. When really, the system was not able to give him the academic opportunities he needed. Before, his homework was something we went round and round about because he saw no value in it. There was no value in it. Now he’ll tell me, sorry Mom, I’ve got to go finish my homework. Not because he fears what will happen if he doesn’t, but because it is meaningful valuable work for him. I could go on and on because this experience is so strikingly different than the five and a half years of hell we went through before this.” — New Haven parent
  • Just wanted to tell you how happy I am about my son – he is so enthusiastic about learning! His new interest in philosophy is great – I am very certain that at 14 I had no idea who Kant was let alone a whole array of philosophers. You guys are doing great exposing them to all sorts of things and I am very sure Matt would be pleased to hear that my son thought he made some valid points in their discussion on the purpose of Mathematics.
  • FlexSchool has been a blessing. It’s tough seeing your child miserable every day when you drop him off at school. Now he’s happy to say goodbye and get out of the car!
  • Since my son started attending Flex School, we’ve had a big change in the atmosphere in our house. We went from confrontation and suspicion about whether my son was meeting his academic obligations, to a feeling that everything is under control and that he’s taking care of business. It’s hard to place a value on the rebuilding of trust between parent and child. It’s priceless.
  • I love the way the teachers work with my son to tailor assignments to his strengths while helping him to improve in areas where he is weak.
  • My daughter was so interested in the Dystopian Novels & European History class that I never had to ask her to read. She was always ahead.
  • Jacqui Byrne has done an exceptional job in relation to my child; right from the beginning when he was making his decision about the school; to feeling welcome at the school and to helping him break some poor study habits. I have found it to be a very nurturing environment while at the same time pushing them to achieve academically. In singling out Jacqui I do not mean to slight any of the teachers who are doing a great job bringing a group of different kids together, This was exactly the kind of environment I was looking for.
  • Overall we are very impressed with teachers and staff alike. Since our daughter has been at FlexSchool, she is happier, mentally and emotionally healthier and appreciates (in a big way) the personalized attention she gets from her teachers due to the small setting.
  • Large high schools with their over-populated classrooms are not the educational solution for many students. FlexSchool offers an alternative – small classes, individual attention, and a friendly atmosphere that works beautifully for our son.
  • This year at FlexSchool has restored my son’s self-confidence as an active learner and has kept him engaged in curricula that is geared towards his ability. The small classes allow the faculty to work directly with the child’s strengths and weaknesses in a way that a regular sized class could never do.
  • I so appreciate that homework makes sense at FlexSchool. My daughter has plenty of math work when she doesn’t understand a concept, and little when she does.

From Students:

  • I love this class!!! 🙂
  • FlexSchool has been a great way for me to reach my full potential and learning capacity (though I haven’t really gotten there yet :]).
  • Really enjoy math but want to do more. And really like the teacher!
  • My teacher is very enthusiastic!
  • I’m excited to go to school now because the pace is more suited to me. I can go through two grades in one year if I can keep up.
  • FlexSchool is a place of awesomeness.
  • Thank you so much. This is the first year I haven’t despised school.

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